What is Tangerine LMS?

Tangerine LMS is a feature-rich, visually attractive, SCORM compatible, eLearning and Human Capital Management Platform designed to help create learning communities with opportunities for rich interaction. The platform offers a wide range of features from content creation, test builder, extended statistics, internal messaging system, forum, chat, surveys and more.

Why Tangerine LMS

Tangerine LMS offers a whole new world of Improved learning experience

Tangerine LMS will help you keep your employees’ skills up to date. It gives your organization the flexibility to train new and current employees as often as desired and at their pace until mastery is achieved.


Tangerine LMS allows users to determine the pace of their trainings on their curriculum; self-enrol and complete their assessments amongst many others

Proven Integrity

Tangerine LMS is a fully customizable e-learning solution that has been deployed and currently being used by some of the leading organizations in Nigeria such as First Bank, Union Bank, Heritage Bank, Bank of Industry, Wema Bank and Skye Bank


The ability to interface easily with other management applications- Tangerine LMS has an API component which provides API web services via REST or SOAP protocols

Offline Capability

Download and acces your training courses outside your office or without internet access.

Tangerine Mobile App

Tangerine Mobile App was designed to give learners a fascinating learning experience by giving them access to learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere, and most importantly on-the-go. Tangerine Mobile App offers round-the-clock access to training; allows users to start a course on the computer and continue on their mobile device and vice versa. Allows users to participate in discussion forums, surveys and assessments; view training and performance reports, and communicate with the administrator to get instant help or advice all on their mobile device.

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Multiple Users Login

Are you struggling with your LMS supporting multiple user login? Tangerine LMS has been engineered to put an end to the nightmare encountered by learning administrators when scheduling large number of users on their LMS. Organizations using Tangerine LMS attest to meeting their target of supporting over 2,000 concurrent users.

Self Service Module

Multimedia and interactive user guide on how to navigate through the LMS and perform user activities. Exhaustive FAQ module


Issue and print certificate upon completion of a training or course

Email Notifications

Users receive email notification when they are assigned to a course, event and all other related activities on the LMS.Email exchange between users and admin on the LMS

Platform Options

SCORM Compliant, High scalability, Access via standard Internet browsers, Active Directory controlled, Database controlled/Integrated, Access on mobile devices eg. Tablets, smart phones, laptops, Email notification etc

Global Activity Calendar

Setup classroom training, seminar etc. Add multiple users to event, edit event details such as date, venue, facilitator etc.

Gamification/Leader Board

Graphical analysis of system activities, top performers, most active users, most viewed courses, user feedback etc. for reward programs or commendation


Pull comprehensive reports based on desired output. Set report variables, start and end dates etc. Reports on progress and skills attainment. Exporting reports to spreadsheets and PDFs

Third Party Integration

Do you require Tangerine LMS to communicate with other existing applications? Tangerine LMS, built on a dynamic framework has the capability to seamlessly integrate with other applications either at the application or database levels.
With Tangerine, data exchange between Systems has never been easier.

Here are some of the past integrations of Tangerine

Additional Features


  • User attendance control
  • Course tool usage tracking
  • Advanced statistic filtering
  • Top tool usage tracking
  • Top active user tracking


  • Announcement board on the user home page
  • Local and international news links
  • Embedded multimedia file support (swf, avi, mp3, wma, flv, etc.)


  • Create quiz categories
  • Create question categories
  • Joggle quiz questions
  • Shuffle quiz answers
  • Export quiz reports to spreadsheets and PDFs
  • Create and receive quiz certificates


  • Private/group chats
  • Forums
  • Notifications


(Upload Multiple Document Types)
  • Upload zip files
  • Upload document in private, shared and public folder


  • Pull comprehensive reports based on desired output. Set report variables, start and end dates etc.
  • Reports on progress and skills attainment
  • Exporting reports to spreadsheets and PDFs

Local Deployment
(On-site Deployment)

This mode of deployment is the most preferred by corporations, giving them leverage to deploy the solution on their existing local network infrastructure.

Deployment Options

Tangerine LMS offers two deployment models.

Tangerine LMS can be deployed on either physical or virtual machines.

Cloud Hosting
(Off-site Deployment)

This model is adopted by corporations that are desirous to increase capacity or add capabilities to the solution on the fly without investing in new infrastructure. Cloud computing offers real time access to the learning management system over the Internet. The success of this model is dependent on the organization’s capacity to ensure constant internet access within its environment to its staff.


Nigeria Office: 3rd Floor, Engineering Building,
1, Engineering Close, NEC Building,Off Idowu Taylor Street,Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

USA Office: 13210 Arriba Greenfields Drive,Bowie MD 20720

United Kingdom: 42,Robina Road, Broxborne, Hertfordshire. EN10 6GE


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