The Tangerine Mobile App is a premier corporate knowledge sharing & repository solution. A first of its kind in Nigeria, Tangerine Mobile App is a mobile productivity, knowledge sharing and communication tool. It was developed primarily in response to numerous requests from the banking community, on the need to be able to access key transaction-closing information outside the bank’s environment (i.e. from any location, especially within a customer’s personal environment) at any time. It provides Relationship Managers with business-critical knowledge and information required to improve sales and provide better quality banking solutions to customers.

The need for Tangerine Mobile was identified; to seek a solution that would provide RMs with on-the-go access to knowledge/information on their banks products and services to include banking categories such as Consumer Banking, Wholesale Banking, Commercial Banking, E-Business, Treasury Products and all other business categories etc.; in order to enhance sales effectiveness and improve service quality.

In line with its knowledge sharing concept, Tangerine Mobile App also provides staff with round-the-clock access to undertake e-learning courses at their convenient time, place and pace; compliant and mandatory programs will now be available to all staff members’ right from the convenience of their mobile devices.

Tangerine Mobile Features

Knowledge Repository

Product Knowledge: Presently, this module is currently classified into Consumer Banking, Wholesale Banking, Agricultural Finance, Money Transfer, Transaction Banking and Treasury Products which contains the details of each product valuable to the organization and his/her customer on the field thereby, solving their problems. This feature can further be customized to reflect your company’s existing product categories and organizational units. The knowledge repository helps in the creation of a central location where all relevant company information can be accessed and updated uniformly ensuring an immediate access to all relevant company information at the time of need.

Expert Locator

This is where staff members can tap into the wealth of knowledge of another colleague, using the social media style architecture. Staff are able to reach their co-workers for expert assistance when needed, almost immediately regardless of geographical location, department or unit. The Expert Locator encourages staff to interact with one another more frequently, and on-the-go. It also presents the opportunity to recognize and make available resources that are in great demand due to their high skills or expertise on a particular subject matter and ensuring that the information is widely and quickly passed on within the organization. It is simply a private and secure messenger for all workforce!


RM Tools also known as Relationship Manager tools is a banking instrument tool box that allows Relationship Managers, Bank Officers and Marketers carry out their business of serving their customers faster, efficiently and on-the-go. This tool box placed in the palm of Bankers through the Tangerine Mobile App contains all types of Banking instruments such as Transaction Forms, Treasury & Forex Rates, Loan/ Mortgage Repayment Calculator, Mobile Cheque Confirmation/ Stop Cheque, ATM Card Hotlister Notification Enrolment etc...
A relationship manager is now able to get instant commitment from his or her customer through our mobile e-signature and picture capture feature.
This reduces the burden of excessive paper work usually experienced by both the officer and customer; and customers get service and value immediately.

RM Tools Modules

Transaction Forms

Provides the ability to provide swift resolution to customers which is a great differentiator among competitors. This tool warehouses all Bank account opening & Transaction forms; Bank Verification Number (BVN) form, Account individual mandate form, Check request Form, Funds transfer form, Card request form etc. this provides an Immediate access to important forms needed to complete the different on-the-go transactions. The RM Tools further helps in the immediate confirmation or rejection of cheques by your customers.

Loan Repayment Schedule Calculator

This is where the RMs can compute and calculate different instances of a loan repayment schedule for their customers, i.e basic loan, car loan, interest loan, mortgage, amortization schedule etc... without needing to be in the bank premises, or have access to the bank’s loan processing application. The loan calculator can provide monthly payment information to prospective or current customers, instantly. This tool will allow a customer to see a replica schedule before the loan is booked.

Mobile Check Confirmation

This is where account officers can confirm customer’s cheques from the convenience of their phones or mobile devices, regardless of their location or cheque bearer’s cashing/branch location.

Forex & Rates

Real time information on current Treasury Bills, Market deposit and foreign exchange rates. The Forex and Rate tool will give the most updated information about the foreign exchange and local deposit rates to your staff while out in the field with a customer.


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