Zercom Systems is all about our clients’ needs. We make sure that our carefully designed courses improve the learning capacities in your organization by making it fun and interactive regardless of the subject matter.

We have been designing and developing e-learning courses, for just about any industry, since 2010. We are nationally recognized for our learning management and custom eLearning solutions.

Our corporate clients, to name a few, include FBN, UBN, BOI, Glo.

Briefly described is our proven 6-step curriculum development process:

  1. Evaluation: In this step, we evaluate our customer’s needs by scheduling an initial meeting and gathering all relevant information about the course/curriculum to be developed into a checklist/outline. These findings will lead to the agreement surrounding the scope that defines the course parameter and budget. During this phase, the course restrictions are also clarified to make sure that we don’t under deliver or over deliver the curriculum.
  2. Content Design/Development: Next we will use the outline and resources gathered during the initial meeting(s) to make up the course. A course framework using MS PowerPoint is developed. From this, our seasoned voice-over specialists and content developers will work together to decide what content and how much content should be included in the course to make it an interactive experience.
  3. Storyboarding: This is the stage where our developers work their magic by bringing it all together; they develop the framework into an interactive text, graphics and animation media project, they merge the voice-over script into the course, they will also use the client’s corporate branding guide for uniformity - their logos, their color schemes etc.
  4. Testing/QA Phase: In this phase, our internal QA team will evaluate the course for grammar, text, graphics clarity, smooth transition etc. We try to capture any discrepancies in the curriculum development and manage correctly.
  5. Client Review: Here, we provide a copy of the course to the client’s QA team for their feedback.
  6. Completion: Upon approval, we create a final copy and deliver to customer either on their LMS platform or via previously agreed mode. Contact us to find out how we can make your training and course curriculum a better experience.


Nigeria Office: 3rd Floor, Engineering Building,
1, Engineering Close, NEC Building,Off Idowu Taylor Street,Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

USA Office: 13210 Arriba Greenfields Drive,Bowie MD 20720

United Kingdom: 42,Robina Road, Broxborne, Hertfordshire. EN10 6GE


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